Filo Rosso - interview with CNA Bologna

Some of the promoters of Filo Rosso project took part in the radio broadcast, by the historic broadcaster of Punto Radio Bologna.

We all thank them for their words of common sense and declarations of solidarity.

They look forward without leaving anyone behind

There are messages of concern and hope but the tone is clear and decisive

At this historic moment we are all involved in a health, economic and social battle.

Filo Rosso is a project that lasts 12 months during which we will have the opportunity to listen to all the companies involved in the production chain chosen by the great Chefs and owners of the most prestigious restaurants in Bologna and the province. We will have the pleasure of meeting the owners of the companies and listening to their stories.

And more:

  • Filo Rosso is a journey that takes up European challenges, passing through research, crossing institutional sources and adapting to the targets of the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

  • Filo Rosso is also events in the presence or in the digital classroom.

  • Filo Rosso goes beyond the usual marketing and communication choices.

We focus on targets 2 and 12 of the 2030 Agenda, not forgetting the interdisciplinary connections with the other indices. This is the great challenge of the Green Deal, where the foundations for the birth of sustainable cities are imagined and built.

In the Filo Rosso project, the promoters provide the data necessary to be compared with local and national guidelines with a view to europe's choices with the 2030 Agenda targets and the development opportunities offered by the Green Deal.

Let's start with the first of the interviews:

With these words Claudio Pazzaglia, Director of CNA Bologna, invites us to change our point of view. Today's choices are born from the politics of listening

"In my opinion, common sense is more on the part of businesses and consumers than on the part of the government.”

"The scenario is certainly not positive, perhaps even more restrictive measures will be announced in the coming days. We need to make it clear that the measures must be agreed with the operators. Sometimes it seems that there are government and scientific committees that know how our local economy is made, and make wise and understandable choices. In fact, we are faced with people who know vaguely about micro-enterprises or the short supply chain.

It is not just an economic concept.

Right now we are acting in concert on the Ristori Decree.

In fact, the economic resources are insufficient and do not respond to the request to relaunch Italy. We are faced with a scenario of demotivation to continue to do business. Psychological aspects must also be borne in mind.

There is the dream of every partner and entrepreneur of being realized. If this dream is fail, the problem is no longer at the material level, but also at the social and land-holding level.

And then let us not forget the world of consumers, who are forced to be spaced out.

In my opinion, common sense is more on the part of businesses and consumers than on the part of the government.

I think that consumers too, those who go to our restaurants, get in taxis or go to the mechanic, together with businesses, could probably contribute to solving the problems if there were more listening at government level.

Let us not forget that, at regional level, President Bonaccini received us immediately in order to offer us support.

I don't want to generalize. In politics there are people to appreciate

Good politics always starts from the bottom up: with listening"

In the next interview we will listen to Paolo Carati owner of the Caminetto D'Oro restaurant
stay tuned


Filo Rosso, a project of Cna Bologna, developed by Marcella Marzari, in collaboration with Media and Media 93, starts from the showcase of the current events of the great restaurants of Bologna and wants to underline the fil rouge, the entire production chain, with a view to transitive resilience, by the eurozone guidelines and the targets of the 2030 Agenda.

Behind a Menu there are stories to listen to, values to share, investments and choices to put on track in the short, medium and long term. Often we do not notice, but the ingredients are transported by logistics, produced by processing companies and cultivated by forward-thinking farmers, in the logic of the Farm to Fork strategy.

They are men and women who, with care and passion, also put in the hands of great Chefs the protection of the environment, the safety of a healthy product and the tradition of a territory .

In every recipe put on the table there are the secrets of the knowledge.

Filo Rosso invites us to know them to recognize them. Filo Rosso's microphone lights up in a weekly appointment by the historic Punto Radio Bologna broadcaster, every Thursday from 3 pm to 4 pm.

Thematic monthly insights in the digital classroom and, when possible, also events in the presence.

Researchers, national and international institutional speakers, professionals and specialized journalists, address the issues put in place by the owners of the restaurants, called to be promoters of a message, which in the logic of the good father of the family, seek a comparison, to look at the Italy of the relaunch, at a time when the shadow of some cloud has fallen.

Filo Rosso is a project of CNA Bologna

Production: Media e Media 93

by Marcella Marzari

sharing and communication platform


contact: Marcella Marzari +39 3475109352

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