Paolo Carati #FiloRossoBologna

I ask my country to choose to slow down, not to stop.

Je demande au pays de ralentir, de ne pas s’arrêter.

Some of the promoters of Filo Rosso project took part in the radio broadcast, by the historic broadcaster of Punto Radio Bologna.

We all thank them for their words of common sense and declarations of solidarity.

They look forward without leaving anyone behind

There are messages of concern and hope but the tone is clear and decisive

At this historic moment we are all involved in a health, economic and social battle.

Filo Rosso Bologna is a project that lasts 12 months during which we will have the opportunity to listen to all the companies involved in the production chain chosen by the great Chefs and owners of the most prestigious restaurants in Bologna and the province. We will have the pleasure of meeting the owners of the companies and listening to their stories.

And more:

Filo Rosso Bologna is a journey that takes up European challenges, passing through research, crossing institutional sources and adapting to the targets of the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

Filo Rosso Bologna is also events in the presence or in the digital classroom.

Filo Rosso Bologna goes beyond the usual marketing and communication choices.

We focus on targets 2 and 12 of the 2030 Agenda, not forgetting the interdisciplinary connections with the other indices. This is the great challenge of the Green Deal, where the foundations for the birth of sustainable cities are imagined and built.

In the Filo Rosso project, the promoters provide the data necessary to be compared with local and national guidelines with a view to europe's choices with the 2030 Agenda targets and the development opportunities offered by the Green Deal.


Paolo Carati, owner of the Caminetto D'Oro restaurant in Via de' Falegnami, 4 in Bologna, brings with him 40 years of history and a menu that collects traditional ingredients. He prefer call us his "guests", not customers.

"What we can do today is do as the bears do. We lie down not to complain. We need to reflect on how to start again. It will give us the opportunity to be more aggressive.

You can see, the metaphor fits well. We're going to be more hungry, which means being smarter and faster. We will remember this period of our lives to tell it.

Never before now came strong the idea of the food production chain. What I would like to clarify is that probably some of the realities that will be lost are of great value, but with some products that make the difference.

Now we are all strained to understand what will happen to start again as soon as possible.

When I came in here today, i promised myself to see only in a positive way and I want to keep doing it.

The only thing I can't hold back is the big missed opportunity.

I say this from the point of view of communication. We need to explain to the youth in lockdown, who have a great opportunity to learn what it means to work remotely. You are studying from home and tomorrow you can also work from home, with all the tools you need.

It’s a journey you’re making to your future. It's different from saying we were locked in the house.

One more thing: we are taking advantage of these financial opportunities that are going to rain, but they must make it possible to make the famous leap into the future.

Because this is the great opportunity to take a step forward our country.

So the solution is relatively simple, good communication and more controls at restaurants that have more people than they should, it's not such an out-of-this-world thing.

That's a paradigm shift, too.

I ask my country to choose to slow down, not to stop.

If I ask my country to slow down, maybe I'll bring something good with me. If I ask my country to stop suddenly, the consequences are very serious.

I'm going to have to pay the price and take those resources that I could use to take the leap forward.

We need young people trained, to have activities that can invest in the green, not in what fashion does, but go in the direction of bringing my business to the near future.”